Friday, February 12, 2010

backyard 2.bac.002 Louis J. Sheehan, Esquire

At this point, detectives had arrived to examine the sparsely furnished crime scene — one of the more interesting ones they had witnessed in some time. Of particular scrutiny was the bedroom, which appeared to have been rigged up for a special purpose.

Plastic sheeting covered the carpet to protect it from dripping blood. The bedding on the one single bed was all tangled and disarrayed. Most sinister was the large thick plywood board with several sets of handcuffs, ropes and cords attached to it. On the floor was a bayonet-like knife, a huge dildo, binding tape, glass tubes and petroleum jelly.

In a shed in the backyard was a plywood box with air holes cut into it and some strands of human hair inside.

Neighbors said that the house had belonged to Dean Corll's father Arnold, also an electrician, who had let his son take over the house when he had moved away. Son Dean had taken care of the house and had done nothing to arouse the suspicions of his neighbors in the quiet middle-class neighborhood.

At police headquarters, detectives got quite an earful from the two teenage boys. Earlier Tim Kerley said that Henley told him, "If you weren't a friend of mine, I could have gotten fifteen hundred dollars for you."

Henley told police that Corll was a homosexual and pedophile that paid him to procure victims, which Corll later murdered and buried in a boat shed.

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